Picture of Joseph Farr

Joseph Farr

Founder, EbonQuill Publishing

“I want to personally welcome you to EbonQuill Publishing.

I’m Joseph Farr, a weaver of tales where history’s echoes meet fantasy’s whisper.

My West Virginia roots, steeped in Arthurian legend and galactic sagas, ignited a passion for storytelling.

Academically, I am versed in history and mythology, crafting worlds where the past and imagination entwine, exploring the depths of the human psyche.

My narratives transcend mere fiction, inviting readers into realms where history and fantasy coalesce, challenging and enlightening the soul.”

Joseph Farr, renowned as a virtuoso in the realms of Dark Fantasy and Historical Fiction, has enthralled audiences with his groundbreaking debut, “Eclipse of the Eternal.”

This success was further amplified in his “Ebon Blade Saga,” a quartet of fantasy novels set in the richly conceived World of Mythas.

Originating from a quaint town in West Virginia, Joseph’s formative years in the 1970s and 80s were deeply immersed in the legendary tales of King Arthur, the galactic odyssey of Star Wars, and the transformative theories of Joseph Campbell.

These eclectic inspirations kindled a fire in his imagination, propelling him towards the fantastical realms of popular role-playing games and the art of weaving stories.

Joseph’s academic endeavors in history, theology, psychology, comparative mythology, and sociology have profoundly shaped his literary craft. His adept fusion of these varied disciplines enables him to forge narratives that are not only richly imaginative and engrossing but also resonate with the complexities of the human spirit.

His works stand as a testament to his skill in interlacing the strands of historical lore and fantastical elements, creating enthralling worlds where history and fantasy intermingle seamlessly.

Presently settled in the peaceful countryside of West Virginia, Joseph pursues his literary aspirations alongside his daughter and their devoted dog, Deogee.

In this idyllic haven, he delves into the more obscure facets of fantasy and historical fiction.

His creations transcend mere storytelling; they are profound explorations of the human psyche, venturing into the intricate layers of psychology and the elusive shadows lurking within the human soul.

Joseph Farr is more than a raconteur; he is a masterful architect of imaginary worlds, crafting tales that captivate, challenge, and stimulate introspection, etching an indelible mark on the consciousness of his readers.

Picture of Caitlyn Farr

Caitlyn Farr

Author, EbonQuill Publishing

“Hi, I’m Caitlyn, the main author of the book “A New Home.

I hope you like it. I wrote it to tell about our dog, Deogee and to give little kids a chance to read my books and my dad’s books.

I hope you enjoy the story of “A New Home.” We take most of the money that is made from sales and give it to the local Humane Society. So, help us out!”

Inspiration Behind the Ebon Blade Saga

Taken from an interview given on December 12, 2023:

Edge of Darkness Book Cover, Joseph Farr, Ebon Blade Saga
Darkness Tempered Book Cover, Joseph Farr, Ebon Blade Saga
The Last Forging Book Cover, Joseph Farr, Ebon Blade Saga

“The “Ebon Blade Saga” emerges from the fertile ground of a lifelong passion for storytelling, enriched by a deep, personal journey that transcends mere words. This series is not merely a collection of tales; it is a vessel where dreams take flight, and the intricate world of Mythas is vividly brought to life. It’s a canvas that resonates with the spirit of shared adventures and narratives that are timeless in their appeal and scope.”

“Central to this saga is my daughter, Caitlyn. In her bright eyes, I recognized a yearning for stories that do more than entertain—they inspire. The “Ebon Blade Saga” was kindled by the desire to transform that spark into a blaze of imagination and courage. Each line, character, and plot twist in the saga is imbued with wisdom, echoing the struggles and triumphs of the spirit, designed to guide and uplift her. This series transcends the bounds of a mere gift from a father to his daughter; it stands as a legacy, a beacon of inspiration, lighting her way through life’s intricate tapestry.”

“My devotion to storytelling, especially through the medium of tabletop RPGs, runs parallel to this personal inspiration. The World of Mythas, with its dark fantasy and low-magic essence, is the culmination of countless hours spent behind screens, rolling dice, and leading adventurers through realms unknown. Mythas is not just a backdrop; it is a living, breathing entity, a rich tapestry woven from my experiences as a storyteller. Every city, dungeon, and shadowed forest in Mythas has served as the stage for innumerable tales, each adding depth and complexity to its history.”

“Incorporating Joseph Campbell’s mythological insights, the “Ebon Blade Saga” reflects the timeless journey of the hero, as outlined in Campbell’s monomyth. The characters embark on epic quests, facing trials and tribulations that mirror the stages of the hero’s journey—departure, initiation, and return. These elements bring a universal dimension to the saga, resonating with the deep-seated archetypes and themes prevalent in human storytelling, as explored by Campbell. The saga thus becomes a reflection not just of individual adventures but of the collective human experience, drawing readers into a journey that is both personal and universally relatable.”

“Crafting the “Ebon Blade Saga” was an act of pouring my soul onto paper, a journey of a lifetime that allows others to partake in the magic of Mythas. This saga invites readers to immerse themselves in a world where whispers in the dark signify profound stories, where each hero’s journey is fraught with danger and promise, and where every page turned leads deeper into realms where fantasy and reality merge, mirroring life’s greatest adventures and challenges.”

“Ultimately, the “Ebon Blade Saga” is a tribute to the power of storytelling, the enduring bond between parent and child, and the unyielding human spirit that revels in tales of heroism, sacrifice, and the perennial struggle between light and darkness. Inspired by the works of Joseph Campbell, it weaves together the threads of mythic storytelling with personal and universal themes. It is with this spirit of adventure and introspection that I present the saga, hoping it resonates with those seeking not just a story, but an experience—a journey into themselves, reflected in the mythic world of Mythas.”

Confluence of Influences in Eclipse of the Eternal

Taken from an interview given on December 5, 2023

“”Eclipse of the Eternal,” set in the vividly portrayed medieval England of the 1250s, transcends its initial guise as an erotic fantasy, evolving into a profound exploration of the human soul’s journey toward redemption. This novel is not simply a tale interwoven with passion and eroticism; it represents a complex tapestry of psychological and moral inquiry, drawing upon the deep hues of Jungian psychology, theosophical wisdom, and the eternal struggle between light and darkness within the human psyche.”

“Central to this narrative is Valerian, an everyman archetype, whose transformation into a vampire is a metaphor for the human condition’s myriad complexities. This transformation symbolizes the awakening of deeper, often unacknowledged, aspects of the self. His story, a relentless quest for understanding and redemption, parallels the theosophical view of the soul’s evolution through various stages of consciousness and moral awakening. It also mirrors the Jungian concept of confronting and integrating the shadow self, reflecting a universal quest for self-realization and reconciliation of the higher and lower aspects of the human psyche.”

“The novel’s erotic elements, far from being mere embellishments, are integral to its narrative core. They serve as a bold statement on the necessity of embracing the full spectrum of human experience, including the primal and often hidden dimensions of our desires. This approach aligns with the theosophical belief in the importance of recognizing and integrating all facets of human nature for spiritual growth. The eroticism in “Eclipse of the Eternal” challenges readers to confront and accept the complexities of their own nature, offering a richer, more nuanced understanding of the human experience.”

“Furthermore, the narrative structure and character development in “Eclipse of the Eternal” are deeply influenced by Joseph Campbell’s concept of the hero’s journey. Valerian’s voyage is a reflection of Campbell’s monomyth, encompassing the stages of departure, initiation, and return. This journey, marked by trials and revelations, exemplifies the universal patterns of hero myths and their transformative power in guiding individuals through life’s challenges.”

“The characters of Arianna and Khalla, embodiments of Valerian’s higher and lower selves, are akin to Campbell’s archetypes, playing crucial roles in the protagonist’s journey of self-discovery. Their interactions illustrate the inner conflict and eventual synthesis of Valerian’s noble aspirations and base impulses, highlighting the inner battle within us all.”

“In presenting “Eclipse of the Eternal” for consideration, it is with the intent to underscore its role as a medium for profound introspection and enlightenment. This work is not just a tale of fantasy and desire but a journey into the depths of the human soul, inviting readers to embark on their own quest for understanding, illuminated by the eternal quest for redemption and the timeless wisdom of myth.”

“This novel, therefore, stands as a deeply layered exploration of the human condition, drawing from the rich well of theosophical and psychological insights, and framed within the mythological structure of storytelling as envisioned by Joseph Campbell. “Eclipse of the Eternal” is an odyssey of the soul, a mirror reflecting the eternal struggle within us all, challenging readers to reflect on their own journeys and emerge enlightened about the multifaceted nature of the human experience.”

Eclipse of the Eternal Book Cover, Joseph Farr