The Ebon Blade Saga


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"Author Joseph Farr drops readers into an enthralling fantasy tale featuring magic, mystery, and thrills galore. Shadows Forged is an excellent start to The Ebon Blade Saga, introducing readers to a vibrant and magical world where danger lurks around every corner... I found the lore behind the Ebon Blade and the Divine Fall fascinating. But my favorite highlight of the book was the burgeoning relationship between Caelan and Seraphina. Both characters undergo tremendous trials and tribulations yet stand together in the face of adversity, which makes you want to root for them. I think young adult fantasy readers will savor this one."
Pikasho Deka
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"With rich imagery, Joseph Farr immerses readers in a world of magic and mystery...Readers will watch Caelan grow from a skilled blacksmith to a formidable swordsman and notice each success's mental, physical, and emotional toll on him... Shadows Forged is great for readers who enjoy fantasy adventures with determined characters."
Courtnee Turner Hoyle
Readers' Favorite

Dive into the Enthralling World of “Shadows Forged” – A Tale of Destiny, Courage, and Dark Magic

About the Book
Shadows Forged” isn’t just a book; it’s an odyssey into a realm where courage meets darkness, and destiny is written in the forge of arcane power. Join Caelan, a blacksmith’s apprentice turned unlikely hero, as he encounters the Ebon Blade – an ancient weapon humming with mysterious energy. His fate becomes entangled with Seraphina, a rogue whose cunning is as sharp as her blade. Together, they confront dark forces and a sinister cult, embarking on a quest that will test their mettle and shape the course of their lives.

Meet the Characters

  • Caelan: From humble beginnings, watch Caelan transform from an apprentice into a warrior marked by destiny. Wielding the Ebon Blade, he grapples not only with external foes but the daunting power that stirs within him.
  • Seraphina: With her piercing emerald eyes and lithe agility, Seraphina is a force to be reckoned with. She is more than an ally; she is a symbol of strength, pushing Caelan beyond his fears and doubts.
  • Old Benn: The embodiment of wisdom and tough love, Old Benn’s guidance is a beacon in Caelan’s tumultuous journey, teaching him the true weight of his newfound powers.

A World of Darkness and Magic
Plunge into a universe where the shadow of evil is ever-present, and every chapter reveals a fragment of a larger, more complex puzzle. “Shadows Forged” masterfully weaves together heart-pounding battles and introspective struggles, painting a vivid picture of a world brimming with peril and enchantment.

For Whom the Book Calls
Are you a fan of dark fantasy? Do tales of intense combat, intricate characters, and a world where magic and destiny intertwine captivate you? Then “Shadows Forged” is your next must-read. This novel transcends the bounds of mere adventure – it’s an exploration into what it means to fight for something beyond oneself, to carve a path in a world overshadowed by danger and intrigue.

Embark on the Journey
Prepare to be swept away by “Shadows Forged,” where each page beckons with adventure, mystery, and the eternal question of what it truly means to wield power. Are you ready to forge your path in the shadows?

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“Edge of Darkness, The Ebon Blade Saga: Book Two” – The Dark Fantasy Odyssey Continues!

Embark on the exciting next chapter of a mesmerizing journey with Joseph Farr’s “Edge of Darkness.” This second installment in The Ebon Blade Saga not only deepens the captivating world introduced in the first book but also elevates the story to unprecedented levels of excitement and complexity.

Delve into a Realm of Shadows and Secrets:Edge of Darkness” plunges you deeper into its darkly magical universe. Our heroes, bearing the scars of their previous trials, encounter new, ominous threats. The enigmatic Ebon Blade, a beacon of power shrouded in mystery, is central to their harrowing quest. Journey with them through unexplored lands and into the heart of moral quandaries, where the lines between allies and adversaries, good and evil, are not just blurred but constantly shifting.
A Symphony of Conflict: Love, Betrayal, and War Building upon the intricate narrative of its predecessor, “Edge of Darkness” intricately weaves personal struggles with grandiose conflicts. Witness the evolution of relationships, the flux of alliances, and the ultimate test of character under the weight of war and deception. Prepare for a narrative that masterfully balances intimate character arcs with the grand scale of battle, culminating in a showdown that threatens their entire world.
What Awaits in “Edge of Darkness”:
  • Expansive World-Building: Discover new realms and cultures that enrich the saga’s universe, creating an even more immersive experience.
  • Multifaceted Characters: Engage with characters who are deeply human – flawed, complex, and facing their own shadows amidst the chaos.
  • Unpredictable Twists: Brace yourself for startling revelations and unexpected turns that promise to keep you riveted.
  • Heightened Tension: With escalated conflicts and deepening enigmas, this sequel is an adrenaline-fueled rollercoaster from start to finish.
A Treasure for Epic Fantasy Aficionados: Whether you’re a returning fan or a newcomer to the series, “Edge of Darkness” is an essential addition to your fantasy collection. Its blend of magic, intrigue, and rich storytelling is tailored for enthusiasts of high fantasy and dark adventures.
Embark on Your Next Unforgettable Journey: Edge of Darkness” awaits to draw you into a world where the encroaching darkness threatens to extinguish the fragile flame of hope. Be part of a narrative where every choice can shift the scales of fate.

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The saga continues, and you won’t want to miss a moment of it. Secure your copy of “Edge of Darkness, The Ebon Blade Saga: Book Two” now and join the legion of readers enthralled by Joseph Farr’s masterful storytelling.
The battle between light and darkness is just a page turn away!

“Darkness Tempered” – The Ebon Blade Saga: Book Three

A Penultimate Tale of Epic Proportions
Darkness Tempered,” the third installment of Joseph Farr’s captivating Ebon Blade Saga, escalates the adventure and intrigue to new heights. This dark fantasy epic masterfully combines the expansive world-building and intricate character development of its predecessors, setting the stage for a climactic showdown in the forthcoming final volume.

Heroes Facing Greater Challenges
Caelan, evolving from a simple blacksmith’s apprentice to a pivotal figure in Mythas’s destiny, continues to grapple with the immense power and responsibility bestowed upon him by the Ebon Blade. His journey is marked by internal struggles and external threats, challenging his courage and resolve like never before.

Seraphina remains a beacon of strength and cunning. Her deepening bond with Caelan is more than a partnership; it’s a crucial alliance pivotal for their survival and the fate of their world. Their journey together is fraught with danger, betrayal, and dark magic.

Eldan, the wise mage, delves deeper into the mysteries of the Ebon Blade and the encroaching darkness. His guidance and power are vital in steering Caelan and Seraphina through the treacherous path that lies ahead.

A World on the Brink
As the malevolent Blightspawn spread their corruption, our heroes journey into desolate realms, facing trials that stretch them to their limits. The Wastes of Grimgard, a land rife with danger and secrets, becomes the backdrop for crucial revelations and alliances, leading to a confrontation with a formidable foe.

A Saga of Destiny and Sacrifice
Darkness Tempered” is more than a battle between light and darkness; it’s a tale of love, loyalty, and sacrifice. The choices and challenges facing Caelan, Seraphina, and Eldan resonate with profound implications, setting the stage for the saga’s thrilling conclusion.

The Journey Continues
For fans of the Ebon Blade Saga, “Darkness Tempered” offers a gripping continuation of an unforgettable journey. Farr’s storytelling artfully balances hope and despair, love against overwhelming odds, and the resilience of heroes destined to confront their darkest moments.

Step Into the Shadows
Embrace the unfolding fate in “Darkness Tempered.” This novel is an essential read for those who have followed Caelan and Seraphina’s journey and for anyone drawn to dark fantasy tales of epic scale and emotional depth. As the saga nears its climax, the fate of Mythas hangs in the balance – are you ready to be part of this legendary adventure?

In Production and coming soon!

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“The Last Forging” – The Epic Saga Reaches an Explosive End!

Dive into “The Last Forging,” the epic conclusion to the Ebon Blade Saga, where courage, sacrifice, and destiny converge in the heart of darkness.

In this gripping tale, Caelan, Seraphina, and Eldan embark on a perilous mission to unearth the Heart of Darkness, unaware that their journey will lead them to the Crystal Heart and a destiny that will forever alter the fate of Mythas.

Amid the desolate Wastes, our heroes confront the sinister Blightspawn and Shadespawn, battling not just the treacherous terrain but also the poison that seeps from the Abyss itself. Their journey takes a dramatic turn with the appearance of DarkSkye, the High Arcanist, who reveals the staggering scope of their quest. Trust is tested and alliances are formed as Caelan grapples with the dual nature of the Ebon Blade, a weapon capable of sealing or unleashing cataclysmic power.

As the Imperium reels under the onslaught of dark forces, our trio draws closer to the abyss, where the ultimate confrontation awaits. Caelan faces a harrowing choice, torn between the Blade’s seductive call and his duty to Mythas. In a breathtaking climax, the true purpose of their journey is revealed, demanding a sacrifice that will echo through the ages.

The Last Forging” weaves a rich tapestry of magic, myth, and heroism, inviting readers to venture into a world where the line between right and wrong blurs in the shadow of greater goods. With its intricate plot, deeply drawn characters, and a world teetering on the brink of darkness, this novel is a must-read for fans of epic fantasy.

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Immerse yourself in “The Ebon Blade Saga

A riveting 4-Book collection encompassing the epic tale where destiny, bravery, and dark sorcery entwine.

Witness the journey of Caelan, a blacksmith’s apprentice who rises as an unexpected champion through the power of the Ebon Blade, alongside Seraphina, a cunning rogue. Together, they face the looming darkness threatening their world.

This saga masterfully blends the allure of dark fantasy with the depth of epic storytelling. From the humble sparks of a forge to the climactic battles against sinister forces, the narrative explores the essence of heroism and the weight of wielding great power. The characters, each marked by their struggles and triumphs, navigate a world fraught with peril, alliances, and betrayal.

The Ebon Blade Saga” is far more than a collection of tales; it’s an odyssey into a realm where the fate of individuals and kingdoms hangs in the balance. It’s a call to those who yearn for a story that resonates with the complexity of courage, the nuances of morality, and the indomitable spirit of those who dare to confront the shadows.

Step into this meticulously crafted universe and embark on an adventure that transcends the ordinary, where every decision shapes the destiny of a world on the edge of darkness.

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